Leased Lines

Secure and Reliable Connectivity

How much is internet downtime costing your business?

If the answer is too much, it’s time to invest in a leased line

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a designated internet connection for your business. Unlike broadband where data is routed over a public network, you don’t share your leased line with anyone else. It works by wiring a private circuit between your office building and your internet provider. This means you have up to 100 times the speed for both uploads and downloads, and a constantly reliable connection. You’ll also get increased security so there’s less risk of your server being hacked or your information being intercepted. It’s time to invest in a leased line when every second lost, costs your business money.

Why Choose a Leased Line Over Broadband

Reliable, fast speed throughout the day

No other individuals or businesses will be using your leased line connection so your internet will have high performance levels, regardless of the time of day.

A synchronous connection same speed in both directions

Many business applications need substantial amounts of data to be sent upstream. A leased line ensures there’s far more upstream bandwidth available than there would be if you had a standard ADSL connection

No usage caps for transferring data

Even when you’re transferring a lot of data at busy times of day, you won’t be hit with a bill for doing so. With a leased line there are no usage caps and so unlimited data allowance really means unlimited

Increased security and less risk of data exposure

Leased lines are one of the most effective ways to boost security and minimise the risk of data exposure. Don’t take the chance of having your information intercepted or your server hacked

Up to 100 times faster speed than regular broadband

A leased line is an investment. It can be hard to decide whether it’s right for you.

Not with Smartinet.

Our team is highly trained to understand your needs and to give you clear impartial advice. Minus all the jargon.

We’ll only advise you to invest in a leased line if your business will benefit from it. We’ll never encourage you to pay for something you don’t need.

What’s more, we'll support you from start to finish, ensuring a hassle free installation and handover. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is always available to sort out any issues or answer any questions.

Something to consider: Leased lines take time to install, so if your business is likely to need one in the future, start thinking about it now.

Smartinet are extremely accessible and responsive. The service we receive from their staff is courteous and polite. I’d highly recommend using Smartinet’s telecoms services.

- Philip Corn,

We’ve been using Smartinet for over 3 years for our VoIP system, office broadband, payment services, and business mobile. Their customer service is exceptional! The team is always very helpful, pleasant and straightforward to get hold of. Smartinet has a fair pricing strategy with great customer support. They’re a telecoms provider we really trust for their reliability and customer service. We’d fully recommend using them.

- AB Wreschner
   Clarity Doors and Windows

‘Before choosing Smartinet for our office VoIP system I was concerned it would be technically difficult to use. The team spent plenty of time explaining to me how the app worked and how user-friendly it was. They’re so easy to get hold of and patient in understanding what my business needs, never selling me something I wouldn't 100% benefit from. They’re technical support is second to none. Smartinet is definitely a ‘client first’ type of company!’

- Dovid Bookman,

Invest in a leased line and increase your bottom line

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